Grip Strength For Deadlifts, Or To Live?

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grip strength 2We all know by now if you want a strong deadlift you need a strip grip (unless you like using straps all the time which I don’t recommend.) Strong grip strength will help you perform better during many exercises in the gym and is something that is often overlooked by many gym rats. Especially if you are the type who doesn’t care about how strong you are but only how big you look, grip strength can tend to be ignored. Not only do I think this is a mistake for size and strength, but research published in the British Medical Journal shows that to live a longer life, you’re best served having strong grip strength as well.

In this research led by Rachel Cooper they took a look at data from 33 studies that measured physical capabilities. Of those 33 studies, 14 of them (which included a massive 53,476 people) dealt directly with grip strength. The researches said that the rate of death among the people with the weakest grip strength was 1.67 times higher than those with the better grip strength. (1)

grip strengthThis wasn’t only true in older populations either, as 5 studies had participants under the age of 60. Now granted there were other things they looked at like walking speed, standing balance times and the time it takes to get out of a chair. But the point is if you want to live a longer healthier life keeping your self strong (and not just cardiovascular health) is the best way to get there.

If you want to get the most out of your lifting you’re going to need solid grip strength. Not only will good grip strength help you pull more weight but stronger grip strength will help keep the pressure in your muscles instead of placing the strain on your joints which could lead to injury problems down the road.

You never know where increased grip strength will help you in life. Whether it’s in the weight room, opening a jar of pickles, hanging off the side of a building as you try not to plummet to your death or to just live a longer life in general. Grip strength is key.

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