We Fall And We Get Back Up – Beating Failure

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Four days ago my guy Jon over at Chasing The Top (site no longer exists) made a post about how he was upset with himself. Before I get into the details of this let me tell you a little something about this guy. Jon brings it, and brings it hard! This guys works his tail off day in and day out and has a diet that’s completely locked in. I mean I really believe I work hard, but in comparison to what he does it almost seems like child’s play. He’s always keeping a positive attitude, working hard, and being supportive of others. He’s just a good dude who is very inspirational.

Well on this day he was bumming from a recent bout of binge eating that had taken place after a series of unfortunate events that left him in a foul mood. After 8 weeks of sticking completely to his strict diet he went way off course. Was this something that was going to derail him? Of course not, with someone who has as good of habits as him he’s going to keep moving forward.

That said I get it. Those of us who are very passionate about what we do in fitness can be pretty extreme sometimes. When you work that hard to be as close to perfect as possible, it’s disheartening to go that far off path even if only for a day or two. We hold ourselves to very high standards and demand the best from ourselves so when you don’t do your best it’s disappointing. After all the sacrifices we make we expect a lot from ourselves.

So why am I sharing this with you guys? It really goes to show that we are ALL human. I think it’s nice for people who do struggle with this stuff to see that even elite fitness buffs struggle from time to time too. That expecting perfection is unrealistic and everyone out there has their own battles. You don’t have to be perfect to get results, it’s not an all or nothing game. Just because you have one bad meal or one bad day doesn’t mean it’s all for nothing and there is no point.

Failure or successIt’s just a mistake that we have the opportunity to learn from. Learning from our mistakes and when have a failure is what helps us grow as individuals. How you react when you have a failure is critical. Do you get tough and work on making sure you don’t do it again or do you focus on the negatives and let it destroy you and tear you down? Failure is not falling down, failure is falling down and not getting back up again. If you focus on the negatives it’s time to turn that around. Start focusing on the positives. The fact that you care so much that it gets you down when you do make mistakes is a GOOD thing, it means that you care. You just have to learn how to deal with them and make improvements.

You won’t go from someone who struggles frequently to perfect, but you can make slow continuous improvements. As long as you are doing better than you used to do you are improving. Slow progress is still progress. Stop demanding so much from yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others. You shouldn’t be trying to do better than anyone else other than  yourself. That’s your only competition.

This is a lifestyle and you have to be in it for the long haul if you want lasting results. So there is no time limit to get where you want to be, just keep moving forward. When you do get there, keep moving forward! Leave your mistakes in the past and work on the present and the future. You can never undo what’s done but you sure as hell can do something about the future. That’s all any of us can do.

As for Jon he of course got back on track and is once again killing it and doing incredible things. Most recently performing the human flag, nuts!

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    Needed to hear this. Thanks 🙂

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      I’m glad you liked it!

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    Excellent post! We all have struggles in some regard or another. You can just aim to do the best you can do, and keep moving forward.

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      Thanks, and you got that right!

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    Thanks for sharing…I totally beat myself when I get off track and I need to learn to push forward and get back on track and not be so hard on myself. Thanks for reminding me!!

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      Glad you liked it, keep moving forward! 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

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    Great post. And let it be said that I truly appreciate all of your supportive comments! They definitely help when I’m feeling down.

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      Awwww thanks! I’m really happy that I can help!

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    I love this! This post is hitting a home-run for sure! Awesome write up! It’s all about retaining the positive mindset and continuing your forward progression. Make the best out of any cheat meal or cheat day and see the bright side in it and use it as motivation to keep steamrolling forward!

    “The fact that you care so much that it gets you down when you do make mistakes is a GOOD thing, it means that you do care. You just have to learn how to deal with them and make improvements.” I especially love this part. Expressing your anger towards your action really should prove something to yourself. It proves that you are really are driven to reach that target and you shouldn’t let one small bump on the tracks derail you!

    Thank you for writing this piece and including me in it! I greatly appreciate it! Spreading that positive awareness daily!

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      Thanks man and thanks for being an inspiration!

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    Great inspiring post. Thank you.

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    Whenever I feel like I’ve been going too hard with the sweets, I just cut them out for a while. I just recently did that and feel great! HA! Now I have them back in my life, but NOT in a crazy amount. No more sweet binges!

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    Such a great post, Colin. I really needed to read this. Thanks. I will be sure to check out Jon’s blog.

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    Thanks, Colin – I’ve had a few rough weeks, and I definitely feel like I haven’t been on track and giving it my all, so it’s reassuring to get the reminder that even the baddest of the badasses struggles with the same problem from time to time. It’s about making a conscious decision to remedy the problem … something I have been really struggling with. But the only person who can fix it is YOU, right??

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      That’s right Sarah! The best part is just how good it feels when you do right the ship! I hope you get back on track soon, I know you will. I’ve seen enough from you to know how strong you really are!

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    Umm after your run can you put this on audio? Might be a nice daily listen!!!

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      LOL Print it out and post it on your fridge! 🙂 Alrighty bed time. Have a good night!

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    Thanks for the post! It inspired me to write mine – published today and linked to yours. 🙂

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    I had to scroll down to find it. The Human Flag???? Whoa there! Like pole dancing only completely different 🙂

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      LMAO! Yeah it’s nuts, I’ve never even attempted it but there is no way!

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    Hey! Had a bad weekend. I guess I could make excuses like it was my daughter’s school market and we had friends over so we ordered pizza, and then it snowballed from there…but no-one held a gun to my head and forced me to eat. On a Monday I am always disappointed at what I ate during the weekend, but then I just pick myself up again and start again. Tx for your post!

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      Yeah there are always lots of excuses but we always know what we are doing right? It’s good to think about how you feel afterwards and keep that in your mind. If you can think about how terrible you will feel after you eat it, hopefully it can help you make better decisions. Either way all we can do is learn from our experiences! Good luck!

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        Yes we do, and thank God we are aware of it now. I never want to go back to the old me. Good luck too! 🙂

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    LOVE this post.

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      Thank you!

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