Pizza and Ice Cream For Weight Loss

I’m going to guess when you saw the title of this article you probably thought “click bait.” Yet you clicked it anyway didn’t you? You may be surprised, however, that it actually wasn’t. I’m going to take this time to make the argument eating pizza and ice cream or any … Continue reading

Does Carb Timing For Insulin Sensitivity Matter?

Since I’ve been looking at carbs in my last couple of articles I thought it would be a good opportunity to take a look at another topic heavily debated in the fitness world. That of insulin sensitivity and exactly how much stock should be placed on carb timing. Or even if … Continue reading

Complex Vs Simple Carbs – The Role of Fiber

In my last article we looked at research that showed diets containing mostly complex carbs had the same results in body composition as diets structured around simple carbs. I mentioned at the end of the article that I noticed a trend in the majority of the research that could in part explain why … Continue reading

Complex Vs Simple Carbs For Weight Loss

Search around social media and fitness articles and there is no doubt you’ll see a lot of material saying to stay away from simple carbs and stick to only complex carbs. Complex Vs Simple carbs – The Clash Of The Titans. There is certainly plenty to like about complex carbs … Continue reading

How Change Happens

How Change Happens… So many people wonder why they can’t change. Why they can’t make simple changes to get where they want to be. Why they can’t put themselves first. Why they can’t stick to any program. Why they fail over and over. And keep going back to feeling good … Continue reading